I have always known that the thing about a house that made it feel like a home to me was the way I felt when I was there. It had nothing to do with the address, the square footage or high priced furniture. It was the feeling that I could relax, that I was in my "happy place". I've been rather comically known as someone who will buy something because I love it or it just makes me happy (and let it sit until I find "THE" place for it. And I will have blank walls before I will put something on it that doesn't bring me THAT feeling. It has become my passion to make things that not only bring me THAT feeling but to use that passion to create a different kind of life for me and my family (and my husband is completely on board, he has turned the garage into his wood shop and is very patient with my "vision" of exactly how something should look). I hope that you enjoy these creations as much as I do! Please message me if you have any questions or if there is a special something that we can create for you! Thank you so much for checking out Peace of Heart Products!